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English Riding

English riding has a long tradition so most people are familiar with the most popular types of this discipline; classical dressage and jumping. At SLF, we believe that riders need to develop solid and correct basic skills before they move into a specialization. So, for starters, at SLF we follow the EC English Learn to Ride Program which starts with riding on the flat (EC Rider Levels 1 and 2) and then gradually introduces jumping skills starting with EC Rider Level 3.  While many riders love the thrill of jumping, it is important to understand that the basis for correct jumping skills rests on what experienced equestrians call “good flat work”.  The potential for success over fences will be maximized when the student is “on-side” with this concept.  Riders who master the EC Rider Levels 1 – 6 correctly will have the technical skills to move into just about any equestrian specialization they wish to pursue.  That is our goal too!

Program Description

The SLF Program follows the EC English Learn to Ride Program curriculum which is used to educate the rider from beginner to advanced in 8 Rider Levels. When the rider is ready to do the Rider Level test for a given level they will be assessed on the riding skills and stable management knowledge as described for each level.  For a complete description of the EC English Learn to Ride Program and to order the EC Learn to Ride Manuals see and click on the Learn to Ride tabs.

Beginners start in Rider Level 1 as they learn the basics of rider balance and simple cues such as stopping, steering and going forward.  We recommend that our beginner riders enroll in private lessons until they have good control on their own at the walk and trot.  Once riders have gained some confidence on a quiet beginner-friendly school horse, they may enroll in group lessons if they wish.  Rider Level 2 is a continuation of the consolidation of beginner rider skills.  Also at this level the rider will start to learn how to ride the canter.  Riders in these two levels will have the opportunity to ride, Ricky, Sophie, JR, Picasso, Hannah, Bonnie, Cowboy, Gizmo depending on their size and weight.

At Rider Level 3 riders continue to consolidate their riding skills and start to learn the basics of jumping.  We continue to emphasize the importance of rider position and quiet and correct cues.  Riders who have acheived this level can be considered for the SLF Novice Show Team and also for our Half Leasing Program if a suitable horse is available.

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